We stock a wide range of tartans to suit all tastes and occasions

From 19 different tartans to over 80 different tie wrap colours to pick from and 8 different style jackets and matching waistcoats. 

Each package comes with kilt, jacket, waistcoat, shirt, tie wrap, brogues and all the accessories.

Please call in or book an appointment to take a look at the fabrics we have available and discuss your requirements for your special day. 

If you have something specific in mind, or have photos of what you are looking for, this would be really useful too. 


Looking for Wedding Kilt Hire?

For those of you that are seeking something different and looking for a kilt to hire for either your wedding or any another occasion, Salters can help. If you are looking for a specific tartan for your kilt, take a look at our range. We are here to help make your day perfect and will help you find the best outfit to suit the occasion. In addition to our wedding kilt hire, we can also provide you with the accessories including your Highland jacket and sporran. We can provide everything that is required for both the groom and the groomsmen. 

Children’s Kilt Hire

We can provide kilts and accessories for all ages including children. If you want to kit out the youngsters too, just make an appointment and bring them along to the shop where we can measure them and make sure that we find them the right size. 

All Events Catered For

Perhaps it’s not a wedding that you are looking for kilt hire for and you are seeking something for a special occasion. Maybe you just want to hire one kilt and accessories for yourself. We are here to help with whatever your requirements to make your event one to remember. ANY