Salters offer a cruise hire package for your special trip away

Salters cruise packages include:

You can also add a cummerbund and shoes to your package if you wish.

We offer a slim fit and contemporary fit suit from our extensive stock 


Are you booked to go on a cruise? Perhaps you are wondering what to wear? What are the rules and dress code for a cruise ship? Let’s take a look at what you should be packing for those formal nights including the Captain’s Dinner, and those less formal nights.

Casual Nights

You will need to check your ship’s dress code before you decide exactly what to pack but on causal nights, acceptable attire usually includes trousers/slacks and a polo shirt/short sleeved button down shirt for men. You may be able to get away with jeans but you must check the dress code. Jeans should be a darker wash without rips and tears. It will largely depend on what type of cruise and which cruise liner you have booked as to whether jeans, or even shorts, are acceptable. 

Formal Nights

These don’t happen every night but, depending on the length of your cruise, you may find yourself requiring formal attire at least once or twice during your trip. This is an opportunity to really go to town and pull out all the stops to look your best. You might opt for a dinner jacket and trousers with cummerbund or you may decide to go for a suit. Again, it’s important to check the expectations of the cruise ship that you are booked on and have a look at photos of these evenings in their literature. Have a look at their website or Google the ship and have a look at the images posted.

If you would like help and advice on what to choose for your cruise, book an appointment and have a chat with us. We can show you your options and make sure you arrive at dinner looking your best.