Groom Traditions and Where They Come From

It’s often said that a wedding is all about the bride however, at Salters of Rubgy, we place just as much importance on the groom having the perfect day. With this in mind, rather than sharing bridal traditions, we thought we would look at those that involve the male contingent of a wedding party. Take a look at some of the more popular groom traditions:

Why Does the Groom Get Down on One Knee?

It is not known for sure where this originates from however, the act of getting down on one knee is called genuflection. In the Middle Ages, men would bend in front of the women that they adored. It seen as a sign of respect, loyalty and obedience in some religions to kneel to someone. Today it is seen as surrendering to love which we think is lovely.


Where Does the Stag Party Come From?

In Ancient Greece (it usually starts with the Ancient Greeks or the Romans) feasts took place to celebrate the groom and mark the end of their youth. The first known stag do took place in Sparta. Now they are big events that sometimes mark the end of “freedom” for a man although we prefer the Ancient Greek approach.

Why Can’t the Bride and Groom See Other Until the Altar?

This tradition originates from arranged marriages where the bride and groom didn’t actually meet until their wedding day. By seeing one another before the wedding, it was feared that one may pull out of the marriage. Today it is just a superstition and seen as unlucky to see the one another before the big day. It is however, a great way to build the excitement of seeing each other at the altar.

Why Does the Bride Stand to the Left of the Groom?

This is an interesting one, and a very romantic one if you ask us, This tradition originates from ancient times when men used to carry swords. The bride would stand to the left so that he could protect her with his left arm, leaving his right arm free to use his sword.

Why Does the Groom Wear Black?

Back in the 18th century, it wasn’t uncommon for the groom to wear bright colours, including pink, at a wedding. Now days it is more common for grooms to wear black at a wedding however, this doesn’t have to be the case with many choosing to wear other colours including Grey, Charcoal and Navy. The fact that black is timeless and formal, does make it a popular choice however.

Why Does the Groom Have a Best Man?

While being the best man is quite the responsibility nowadays, with a stag do to organise and a speech to write, just spare a thought for those who had the job a few hundred years ago. Centuries ago, bride kidnapping was not uncommon, especially if the bride’s family did not agree to the match. The best man’s role was to help in the kidnapping of the bride as armed back up for the groom.

best man

Why Does the Groom Carry the Bride Over the Threshold?

This practise was carried out to protect the bride from any evil spirits that may be lurking in the home, especially given that the soles of the feet were thought to be at greatest risk from evil. It’s amazing how so many years later, these traditions and superstition still hold so much weight. Maybe it’s just the romance of the tradition.

bride and groom - threshold

There are many, many more groom traditions that are steeped in history from years gone by. We hope you have enjoyed reading about these particular ones. Remember, if you need help with the suit and accessories for your big day, we are more than happy to help.

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