When Should You Choose Your Wedding Suits?

If you’re reading this then you’re most likely an excited bride making plans for your special day, or a groom eager to know the process for choosing wedding suits for the groom, best man/ushers for the big day. When is the right time to start planning your wedding suits, booking them for the big day and getting measured? Let’s take a look…

Traditionally, the wedding suits are a bit further down the list of things to do than the dress, the venue, the food, entertainment etc but they are just as important as all of these things. Let’s not forget that what the groom, his best man, father of the bride and groomsmen wear is a critical part of the day. You can’t have the men turning up in just any old suit, after all. They need to match the theme and be in keeping with the style of the occasion. Usually it’s recommended to choose the suits approximately 6 months before the big day so for the guys that like to leave it all to fate, it’s probably worth a prompt to get them to arrange that initial appointment at around 6 months out.

Choosing Wedding Suits – Planning Diaries

Busy diaries may mean that you can’t often make it to the suit hire shop to make your choice as a group and some prior planning will be required to ensure that you can all be there together to at least choose the right suit/style/colour or accessories.

While the groom’s suit is the most important, what the groomsmen wear has to match the theme of the wedding, the colour scheme and everyone has to look the part. Leaving it too late therefore means that you may not be able to get everyone together to arrange this.

You also want to be sure that you can get the right number of wedding suits, along with all of the accessories in time. If there is a big demand for a certain date for wedding suit hire, you don’t want to miss out on a specific range. While we stock a number of suits, colours and options, there are busier times of year when things are in much higher demand. Giving enough notice will ensure that the wedding suit hire shop that you choose has enough of what you require.

When the Bridesmaid Colours Have Been Decided

Usually by 6 months, the bridesmaid dresses have already been chosen. Of course, you can’t choose the grooms suits until the bridesmaids’ colours have been chosen – usually a cravat, silk handkerchief is matched to the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. While the men may be free to choose their own suits, often the colours are non-negotiable.

Booking Measuring Appointments

Getting everyone together when choosing wedding suits is one thing, then comes the measuring. You need to sync diaries, make sure everyone has time to get measured, and that there is time for final fittings – especially if you have younger children who may grow in the time between the initial fitting and the final fitting.

When it comes to children, measuring them 2-3 weeks out from the big day is usually what we advise. This ensures they have no time for any more growth spurts which will leave them with ankle swinging trousers.

wedding suits for children

If you have been trying to lose weight and get in shape for the big day then this is great however, if this is going to make a big difference to the size of suit you are wearing, it’s better to be well planned.

Arrange to Collect Them Before the Big Day

Once you have chosen the wedding suits, accessories, had your initial measurements taken, and had your final fitting, all that is left is to arrange to collect them ahead of the big day. The best man can either collect all the suits at the same time to save the groom a job, or individuals can come and collect the suits themselves. Just make sure you don’t leave it too late and that you try everything on before the big day, just to be sure!

If you would like help and advice with choosing wedding suits for your big day, we would be happy to help. Just give us a call on 01788 542620 to arrange a time to talk through your requirements.

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